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Continued investment, in both the skills of our experienced workforce and an extensive range of CNC machining machines, gives us the ability to meet your particular requirements, whatever they might be.

This includes the ability to machine Inconel 625/718/R14, Monel 400/500, Nimonic 75, Waspaloy, Super Duplex and other heat resistant super alloys.

Some of our capabilities and qualities include:

  • CNC Turning – CNC turning operations, ranging in size typically from diameters of 20mm up to 500mm and varying in length up to 3.5m, are available. Two of our specialist areas are the machining of long slender shafts and the machining of bores with silent tools boring bars. This is a key area of our subcontract machining work.
  • CNC Milling / Drilling – We can also undertake CNC Milling / Drilling operations, varying from something as small as completing a turned component by simply adding a keyway, or fully machining parts in many different shapes or sizes. This is another important area of subcontract machining for us, and one in which we are very proficient.
  • Grinding – A cylindrical grinding service is also available for components that require high accuracy or superior surface finish. This is particularly effective for final machining of long slender shafts that cannot be CNC turned without vibration issues.
  • Quick turnaround – Our CAD/CAM system enables us to creating a working drawing, generate a program, and process it directly to the machine, ensuring precision whilst reducing lead times.
  • Network of approved suppliers – We aim to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for our customers. That is why we have built an extensive network of approved material suppliers and companies that offer additional services such as heat treatment and plating - all of which are regularly evaluated to ensure rigorous standards are met. For our customers it’s a seamless service - one telephone call takes care of it all!
  • Advice on design – Our extensive knowledge, experience and insight means that we can offer expert advice on the design of components to improve the manufacturing process and reduce costs.

For anything that is outside of our own capabilities, we can still facilitate production and will be happy to provide details of associate subcontract machining companies that have the relevant equipment and expertise.